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Query Search
  • 18 Jan 2021
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Query Search

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Browsing to Query History

In the Toolbar, simply select SQL Lab and, in the drop-down menu, select Saved Queries.




Filtering Options

The Query Search provides a number of different filtering options. Simply complete filters, as needed, and then select SEARCH to view results.

Filtering options include:

Filter by User

Select a username from the drop-down list to show queries created by a specific user.


Filter by Database

Select a database from the drop-down list to show queries that access a specific database.

Query Search String

Enter any keyword to search all queries (e.g., table, column, etc.).


Date Range Filters

Specify a date range of when the query ran — the first drio-down is the starting date and the second drop-down is the ending date.


Status Filter

Select a current query status from the drop-down list.


Column Headers

The query search table includes the following column headers:

  • State: Current status of the query (e.g., running, success, failed, etc.).
  • Time: The date & time stamp of when the query was run.
  • Tab Name: Tab in SQL that the query was Run
  • DB: The database associated with the query.
  • Schema: The schema that tables are located
  • Tables: Tables that the query retrieve data
  • User: The user who created the query.
  • Rows: The number of rows retrieved when the query was run.
  • SQL: The SQL code associated with the query.
  • Actions: Select the icon link to produce a copy of the query in the SQL Editor.
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