Preset vs Superset
  • 14 Mar 2023
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Preset vs Superset

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What is Preset?

We are happy to welcome you to the world of Preset!

Preset is a cloud-hosted data exploration and visualization platform built on top of the popular open source project, Apache Superset.

Our fully managed service makes it easy to run Superset at scale with enterprise-ready security, reliability, and governance, enabling your entire organization to quickly and easily draw insights from your data.

What is Superset?

Apache Superset is an open-source software for data exploration and visualization. Superset excels at giving you the tools you need to access a wide variety of data and help visualize that data in a compelling and engaging manner.

From simple pie charts to highly detailed geospatial charts, Superset offers you the visualization options that you need to paint your own data picture and convey information that can resonate with your customers and colleagues.

Advantages of Preset

Getting started with Preset is straightforward. The good news is that Preset always runs the latest version of Superset, so you have access to all the best features that Superset has to offer. No more manual installs, configuration, driver maintenance, or upgrade management!

As an Admin of Preset, you can easily deploy multiple Workspaces and scale up as many invited users on the platform as you need. Each Workspace is a separate, isolated instance of Superset to support different projects and teams, with deployment being done in just a single click.

Using Preset to Manage Access and Share Data

Being a fully managed, enterprise-ready solution means that Preset maintains a reliable state-of-the-art Superset installation, including the underlying message queue, asynchronous Celery workers, multiple caching layers, SMTP email server for supporting alerts & reports, and a well-monitored observability solution.

This robust infrastructure supports the access and sharing of data in terms of both security and content collaboration between users.

Preset uses a role-based access control framework to manage access via data access roles and row level security, effectively providing access control at the workspace level. Authentication can be set up through SSO via SAML and we are SOC2 compliant. And, no, we don't host or store your data.

Collaboration is supported via multiple content sharing channels (such as shareable chart and dashboard links), integration with the messaging platform Slack, and export support for databases, datasets, charts, and dashboards.

Extending your experience with Preset

Preset is designed to scale with your business and your business' needs. Once you feel confident in the basics there are further ways you can get even more out of Preset.

For example you may want to try:

  • Using our API to better scale Preset into you and your organization's processes and technology.
  • Embedding Preset on your custom domain or application to bring analytics into your native environment.
  • Deploying Preset in your Private Cloud (Managed Private Cloud) so your data is always secure.
  • Setting up SCIM to scale new employee application access.

And remember to check back on this site over time as we add further documentation and support. Happy data exploring!

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