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  • 16 Jan 2021
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The SQL Lab is the workspace for users to manage all aspects of SQL usage in their Preset environment.

Key features include:

  • Connects to just about any database backend;
  • A multi-tab environment to work on multiple queries at a time;
  • A smooth flow to visualize your query results using Superset’s rich visualization capabilities;
  • Browse database metadata: tables, columns, indexes, and partitions;
  • Support for long-running queries;
    • Uses the Celery distributed queue to dispatch query handling to workers; and,
    • Supports defining a “results backend” to persist query results.
  • A search engine to find queries executed in the past; and,
  • Supports templating using the Jinja templating language which allows for using macros in your SQL code.


The SQL Lab is comprised of the following three tools:

  • SQL Editor: An iinteractive and intelligent SQL IDE with schema navigation and autocomplete features;
  • Saved Queries: Searchable list of saved queries from the SQL Editor screen; and,
  • Query Search: Searchable list of queries executed in SQL Editor (saved or not saved).

Navigating to SQL Lab Components

From the top toolbar, simply select SQL Lab and then choose a tool from the drop-down menu.

2021-01-16-SQL Lab Menu.png

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