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Dashboard Emails
  • 07 Oct 2020
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Dashboard Emails

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Under Development

Please note that the features described below—including the User Interface—are currently under development and will likely change over time.

The features described in this topic are only available to Alpha customers that accept the constraints and are willing to provide feedback. If you are interested in becoming an Alpha customer, please contact us at support@preset.io

Overview: How to Add an Email Dashboard Report

Preset users can schedule the automatic delivery of dashboards via email using a cron rule. This offers a significant amount of scheduling flexibility in terms of delivery options.

Other functionality includes;

  • Sending Options: Email reports can also be sent to a group of recipients or sent as individual emails; and,
  • Dashboard Inclusion: The dashboard can be viewed directly in the body of an email (inline) or included as an attachment (graphic). Emails also include a unique link to Preset that enables the recipient to view the dashboard directly.

Step 1: Add New Record

In the Toolbar, select Settings and then, in the drop-down menu, select Dashboard Emails.


The Manage Email Reports for Dashboards screen will appear.

In the top right corner, select the plus icon to add a new record.


Step 2: Configure the New Record

After you select the plus icon, the Schedule Email Reports for Dashboards form appears.


Complete all fields using the definitions below as a guide:

  • Dashboard: In the drop-down list, select the dashboard to be emailed. The list is populated with dashboards where the user is identified as the owner.
  • Active: Select the checkbox to enable this record.
  • Crontab: Enter a cron rule. You can use https://crontab.guru/ to define an existing rule. Some examples include:
    • 0 * * * * : Will send a report at every hour;
    • 0 7 * * * : Will send a report once per day at 7:00 am; and,
    • 0 7 1 * *: Will send a report the first day of a month at 7:00 am.
  • Recipients: Enter the email addresses of all recipients.
  • Slack Channel: This feature is not yet available in Preset.
  • Deliver As Group: If enabled, Preset will send the dashboard to all the recipients in one email. If disabled, then one email will be sent to each recipient.
  • Delivery Type:
    • Attachment: An image of the dashboard will be attached to the email; or,
    • Inline: The dashboard image will be included directly in the body of the email.
  • Send Test Email: If enabled, Preset will send a test email when a record is created or updated.
  • Test Email Recipients: Enter the email addresses of all recipients who will receive the test email.
  • Test Slack Channel: This feature is not yet available in Preset.

Email Syntax and Format

In addition to showing the dashboard inline or included as an attachment, email reports also include a link to Preset that enables the recipient to view the dashboard directly.



Tip: Take note of the email address and/or subject line text so that you can whitelist the report emails (i.e., avoid the Spam folder).

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