Virtual Datasets
  • 04 Nov 2022
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Virtual Datasets

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Virtual Datasets: Views on your Database

A virtual dataset is a view of data that is created within Preset using SQL Lab. This means you can use JOIN and any other SQL operation to build your dataset.

Start by constructing your own unique SQL query that retrieves and organizes data based on your specifications, and then run your query.

After running the query, send the results to the Explore page to see your query as a visualization. When doing so, you'll be prompted to save your data view into its own virtual dataset.

Accessing Virtual Datasets

Virtual datasets are indicated by blue grid icons on the Datasets screen and are also designated as "Virtual" under the Type column. From here, you can manage, explore, delete, and view virtual datasets just like a physical dataset.

In the graphic below, the highlighted entry "World Bank Health Population" is the virtual dataset.


Detailed Walkthrough: Create a Virtual Dataset

In the Toolbar, hover your cursor over SQL Lab and then, in the drop-down menu, select SQL Editor.


Compose a query and, when done, select Run.

In the Results tab, select Explore to view your query on the Explore page.


The Save or Overwrite Dataset panel appears.

To save your new virtual dataset, select Save as new and, in the text-entry field, enter a name for your new virtual dataset.

If you are overwriting an existing virtual dataset, then select Overwrite existing and, in the field, enter or select a dataset name.

Select Save & Explore. The Explore page appears featuring your virtual dataset.

At any time, you can browse to DataDatasets to access your dataset.


Where Do I Go From Here?

Now that you have created a virtual dataset, you can proceed with creating and configuring a chart. Simply select your newly-created virtual dataset when asked to choose a dataset.

Here are some useful articles relating to charts:

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