Step 1: Preparation
  • 14 Oct 2022
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Step 1: Preparation

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Before embedding any dashboard, the first step is to collect required information needed for Step 2: Deployment.

This articles discusses how to retrieve the following information:

Get the Team ID

Where is this used?

The team ID is used when creating guest tokens.

The first step is to determine the unique ID of your Preset team.

From the Preset Manager (screen after log in), select Manage Team for your team.


The Team page appears.

In your browser's address bar, take note of the slug at the end of the URL.

This is your team ID.


Get the Workspace Domain and Region

Where are these used?

These are used when embedding the dashboard using the SDK.

Next, let's obtain the workspace domain and the workspace region.

Go ahead and select a workspace — you will be directed to your workspace's homepage.

As before, you can determine the required information from the URL in your browser's address bar.

The workspace domain appears immediately after https:// as follows:


The workspace region appears after the workspace domain between the periods:


Get the Embedded Dashboard ID

Where is this used?

This is used as the resource id in the guest token API and in the front-end embedDashboard function.

The process of retrieving the embedded dashboard ID also involves defining which domains, if any, should be allowed to embed a dashboard.

Let's walk through the processs.

Configure allowed domain(s)

Navigate to the dashboard that you want to embed.

Select the options menu icon (horizontal ellipsis) and choose Embed dashboard.


The Embed window appears.

In the Allowed Domains field, enter one or more domains in which the dashboard will appear. Separate multiple domains with a comma.


If adding domains, make sure to add the https or http in front of your domain. Leave the Allowed Domains field empty to allow embedding from any domain.

When done, select Enable Embedding.


Retrieve ID

The embed is now enabled and the embedded dashboard ID is displayed.

As mentioned above, this ID is used as the resource id in the guest token API and in the front-end embedDashboard function.


Update domains

To modify the domains, enter domain names (separated by a comma) in the Allowed Domains field and then select Save Changes.

To disable an enabled embed, select Deactivate and then, in the Disable embedding? window, select OK to confirm.

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