Radar Chart
  • 10 Mar 2023
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Radar Chart

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A radar chart lets you visualize a parallel set of metrics across multiple groups or categories. Here are some examples:

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The following articles may be useful resources as you build your chart:

Creating a Basic Radar Chart

The radar chart is a very unique and flexible visualization type. Here's a breakdown of how the data flows when creating a radar chart in Preset.

Shape of your data

  • Each corner of the radar chart is linked to a metric, so mapping each metric to a different column is a reasonable approach for modeling your data.
Chart Builder options
  • For every Metric you specify, another node / vertex is added to the radar and an edge (or connecting line) is added.
  • For this visualization, we chose the 4 steps in a marketing funnel as the nodes in the chart.
  • If you need to aggregate your data, the Metrics panel is the place to do it.
Generated Query

Resulting Dataset
  • The result is a row of metrics that are used as the nodes in the radar chart, with edges between the nodes.

Here's what the final chart looks like:

Creating a Radar Chart with Dimensions

We can incorporate a dimension to the chart we just created by using the Dimension option in Chart Builder. The unique values will be used to group the data and the resulting nodes and edges.

Shape of your Data
  • Our metric columns still remain but we've now added the Campaign dimensional column to the dataset.
Chart Builder options
  • We still specify a Metric for each unique node in the graph and column in our dataset.
  • This time, we also add the Campaign column as the Dimension. The unique values in this column (New Years, Halloween, Christmas) will be used to color each radar chart.
Generated Query
  • The query now includes the GROUP BY clause to incorporate the column we chose as the Dimension.
Resulting Dataset
  • The resulting dataset mirrors our underlying data.

Here's how that chart looks like:

Customizing your Radar Chart

Under the Customize tab, you can find a number of options for customizing your tree chart further. Here are some of the options:

  • Color Scheme: choose the color palette you want used in your chart
  • Legend
    • Show Legend: checkbox that shows the legend (containing the dimensions and colors) if ticked
    • Type: choose the type of scrolling behavior for the legend
    • Margin: extra padding, in pixels, that you may want to add for the legend
  • Labels
    • Show Labels: checkbox that shows the metric values as labels if ticked
    • Label Position: location of labels
    • Number Format: how you want the numbers formatted for display
    • Date Format: how you want the date values formatted for display
  • Radar
    • Customize Metrics: choose which metrics you want included in your visualization
    • Circle Radar Shape: checkbox that enables a circular radar as the background if ticked

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