Migrating Content
  • 08 Aug 2023
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Migrating Content

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👤 This documentation is intended for Limited Contributors, Secondary Contributors, Primary Contributors, and Workspace Admins. Check with your Team Admin for additional access.


Preset supports export and import operations, so that you can easily migrate content as required. Below operations are supported:

This can be very useful for many use-cases, including:

  • Migrating content from Superset (hosted) to Preset
  • Migrating content from one Preset Workspace to another
Migrated Assets
Please note that when migrating content, the user doing the migration becomes the owner of the migrated assets

Migrating content from Superset (hosted) to Preset

Preset is built on top of the popular open source project, Apache Superset. Users running Superset locally can migrate their content to Preset to take advantage of a fully-managed Cloud product.

Exporting data from Superset varies according to the configuration used. More specifically, it depends on whether the feature flag VERSIONED_EXPORT is set to True or False and the version of Superset you are running. More information about Superset feature flags and how to change them can be found on this page.

If the feature flag is set to False, content can only be exported via the API. Additionally, depending on your setup, it's possible to export content to JSON. On the other hand, if the feature flag is set to True, content can be exported right from the UI, which generates a ZIP file. 

Preset natively supports both JSON import and ZIP file import

Migrating content from one Preset Workspace to another

There are several situations where you may want to migrate content from one Workspace to another.

  1. Organization: If you organized your Workspaces based on department, you might want the same databases, charts, or dashboards in one Workspace to be available in another Workspace.
  2. Development: Sometimes, one Workspace is dedicated to development and another is used for production. Migrating assets from one Workspace to another allows you to formally publish your content.
  3. Version Control: You can also use multiple Workspaces for Version Control by backing up assets from your main Workspace to your secondary Workspace.

The migration can be done either directly through the UI or via the API.

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