Invite Others to Your Team
  • 25 Jun 2024
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Invite Others to Your Team

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To make the most of Preset, invite others to your team to share your charts and dashboards.

To access the functionality described in this article, a user needs Admin access. If a user is a non-admin, they cannot access the Manage Team page.

Are you looking to join your organization's existing team?
Contact your Preset Team Admin. If you are not sure who to contact, submit a support ticket (identity verification is required) so we can assist you in getting in touch with one of your organization's Preset Admin.

Managing a Team

From the Preset Manager, you can access your team's settings — to the right of your team's name, select Manage Team or Invite Users.


Invite a Teammate

From the Mange Team settings you can invite users by selecting Members & invites.


To invite a teammate, in the Invite team members panel, enter an e-mail address and assign team and workspace roles.

For more information on the specifics of these roles, please see User and Data Access Management.

Screen Shot 2022-08-29 at 9.07.33 PM.png

An invitation e-mail with an acceptance link will be sent to the recipient.

After an invitation has been sent, it is classified as a pending invitation and will appear in the Pending Invites panel.

Re-send an Invitation

In the event that your recipient did not receive the invitation, you can always navigate to the Pending Invites panel and re-send the invite by selecting Re-send Link.


Delete a Pending Invitation

If you wish to rescind a pending invitation, you can always select the trash bin icon to delete any pending invite.


Change User Permissions

Team Level Role

When a new teammate accepts an invitation and creates an account with Preset, their name and e-mail address will be listed in the Members section.


The drop-down list under the Permission column header enables you to change the user permission to either User or Admin, as needed. All changes are saved automatically.

For more information on these roles, see User and Data Access Management.

Workspace Level Role

To change a user's role at the workspace level, first navigate to the Preset manager. From here select the three dots on the top right hand side of the workspace you want to change the user's role in and select Edit Workspace Roles

workspace settings.gif

From the workspace roles interface you can change a user's role in that workspace. For more details on each of the role types please see User and Data Access Management.

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Remove a Team Member

To remove a member from a team, navigate to the member's entry row and then select the trash bin icon.


A confirmation message appears — select Yes to confirm.


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