In-product commenting and collaboration
  • 04 Jan 2024
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In-product commenting and collaboration

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Article Summary

Currently testing in private beta

The feature will be available for general availability (GA) in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

The feature is available on the Professional & Enterprise plans.

If you have a Starter subscription, upgrade to the Professional plan (you can start a 14-day free trial without any committment).


You can collaborate with other users on Preset dashboards by commenting, replying, and reacting to comments. Utilize this collaboration feature to communicate updates to your charts and dashboards or to ask questions about trends and data points in the charts created by others.

Comment on charts in dashboards

You can comment on any chart in a dashboard. Each chart can have multiple comment threads with replies.

Start a comment thread

  • To add a comment, hover over a chart and click on the "comment" icon. Then, click on "Start a new thread."

Starting a comment thread.png

  • Draft your comment. When commenting, you can use emojis, add attachments, and notify others by tagging them.

Draft a comment.png

  • When finished, click on the "arrow" icon.

Tagging users in comment threads

Workspace and data access roles apply when you tag other users comment threads. Please ensure the following:

  • Your organization’s Preset team admin must assign them appropriate workspace roles to ensure they have permissions to access the workspace (any role higher than No Access).
  • Workspace admins need to update the tagged users’ data access roles to ensure they have permission to view the data used in the chart and dashboard.

Without appropriate workspace and data access permissions, tagged users can see the comments in emails and in the notification center but cannot view the charts.

Possible actions on comment threads

You can take the following actions:

  • Post a reply or simply leave emoji reactions.
  • Subscribe to a thread to receive notifications (see below).
  • Share a comment thread via email.
  • Edit and delete your own comments.
  • Resolve and re-open closed threads if you're the owner of a comment thread.

Get notifications for comment threads

You can receive notifications when you are tagged in a comment thread or a thread you have subscribed to has new activities.

  • If you start a thread or reply to a comment in a thread, you will be automatically added as a subscriber and receive notifications.

  • You can also manually subscribe to a thread. Click on the "options" menu (a three-dot (ellipsis) menu) on the comment you wish to follow.
    Cord docs_subsribe to notifications.png

  • You will receive notifications via email. Additionally, you can check the "notification center" (a bell icon) at the top right of the Preset app to view your notification history.

Notifications center.png

  • To reply to a comment, you can comment in a thread in Preset. Alternatively, you can reply directly to the email notifications, and your comment will be posted to the thread.

Reply in thread.png

Reply via email.png

Are you having trouble receiving notifications?

Email notifications are sent from Check your spam folder if you are not receiving them.

See who's online

The "activity indicator" on the top right corner of a dashboard indicates who is currently viewing the dashboard and who has viewed it in the past.

View history.png

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can we enable (or disable) the commenting feature on specific dashboards?
A: No, the commenting feature is controlled at the workspace level. During the private beta phase, please contact the Preset support team to specify which workspace(s) should have the commenting feature enabled.

Q: Who can comment on a dashboard?
A: Any user who can view a chart in the dashboard can comment on it.

Q: If the same chart is added to multiple dashboards, how does commenting work?
A: You will see a specific set of comments on each of the dashboards where the chart appears.

Q: Is the commenting feature supported on embedded dashboards?
A: No, you can only comment on dashboards accessed through the Preset application (Preset Cloud).

Q: Can admins delete comments left by other people?
A: No, only the owners of comments can edit or delete their comments.

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