Database Walkthroughs
  • 16 Nov 2022
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Database Walkthroughs

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Preset supports a large variety of databases. Outside of the dynamic connection form, if you know the SQLAlchemy URI connection string for a database, then more than likely you can connect to it on Preset. Additionally, if you have an archived database file (e.g., ZIP), then you can import your database directly to Preset.

Some databases, however, require additional layers of information in order to connect. For example, Google BigQuery requires authentication via JSON while Trino requires warehouse parameters.

Please see the articles below for specific directions on how to connect to these types of databases.

Database Connection Walkthroughs

Amazon Athena Amazon Redshift Apache Druid Aurora MySQL (Data API)
Aurora PostgreSQL (Data API) Databricks Google BigQuery Google Sheets (Public)
Google Sheets (Private) MySQL PostgreSQL Snowflake

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