• 14 Mar 2023
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In this article, we will introduce cross-filtering. Cross-filtering enables you to apply a data element from a chart (e.g., a table row, a slice from a pie chart) and then apply it as a filter across all eligible charts in the dashboard.

Eligible Charts

In order to use cross-filtering, you need to use an eligible chart:

  • All charts built with ECharts
  • Area Chart
  • Bar Chart
  • Graph Chart
  • Line Chart
  • Mixed Chart
  • Pivot Table Chart
  • Scatter Plot
  • Smooth Line Chart
  • Stepped Line Chart
  • Table Chart
  • World Maps

Applying Cross-Filters

Cross-filters can be used in any dashboard with eligible charts. 

To illustrate the usage of cross-filtering, we will do a walkthrough showing three charts: 1 table chart and 2 pie charts. The data pool is comprised of software developers, with the pie charts asking, "Are you an ethnic minority?" and "What is your gender?" and the table showing the top 15 languages spoken at home.


In the "Are you an ethnic minority?" pie chart, let's hover the cursor over the Yes, an ethnic minority pie slice, and select it.


After doing this, the selected filter—Yes, an ethnic minority—will be applied to the other two charts.

You'll notice in the graphic below that the "Gender" pie chart and the "Top 15 Languages" table have both been updated to reflect the applied filter:


Now, let's add an additional cross filter by selecting Female in the "Gender" pie chart:


...and you can see that both filters—one from each pie chart—are being applied to the table. The table now shows the top 15 languages spoken at home by female ethnic minorities.

This is demonstrated by the small number "2" icon, which conveys the number of filters currently being applied to the chart:


You can check which cross-filters are active in the dashboard filter bar. 

Each chart can only emit one cross-filter. 
If you wish to apply a filter for multiple values, use the dashboard filter bar. 

Disabling Cross-Filters

In some situations, you may want to prevent dashboard consumers from using cross-filtering. 

To disable cross-filtering, click on the Gear icon in the dashboard filter bar, and uncheck the "Enable cross-filtering" box.

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