Creating a Chart
  • 13 Sep 2022
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Creating a Chart

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👤 This documentation is intended for Limited Contributors, Primary Contributors, and Workspace Admins. Check with your Team Admin for additional access.

Quick How-to

From Any Page

Here's how to create a chart from anywhere in the product.

Create Chart 1.gif

From SQL Lab

Here's how to create a chart from a SQL query.

Create Chart 3.gif


There are two starting places to create a chart in Preset:

Starting Data SourceChart BuilderAccess Requirement
1. Pre-saved DatasetExploreLimited Contributors and above
2. SQL Lab QueryExplorePrimary Contributors and above

1. Choose a Dataset or Start with a SQL Query

Starting with a dataset

Starting your chart creation with a Physical or Virtual datasets allows your to scale chart building and re-use pre-defined metrics.

In the top navigation, select the plus icon + and then, in the drop-down menu, select Chart.

The Create a new chart screen appears. In the Choose a Dataset field, select the drop-down arrow and then choose a dataset.

Starting with SQL

Alternatively, starting your chart creation with a SQL query provides you the flexibility to explore your data ad-hoc and decide how to define new metrics.

In the top navigation, select SQL Lab and then select SQL Editor.

Choose the right data source on the left hand side and type in a SQL query in the text box. 

Run the query to expose the Create Chart button.

2. Choose a Chart Type

Preset recommends using charts with the FEATURED tag in the chart gallery. You can select the desired chart from the Create a new chart dialogue and change the chart type in the Data tab of Preset Explore.

3. Configure the Chart

Within the Explore Page, drag entries from the Metrics and Columns panel on the left and drop them into the adjacent Configuration panel.

Congratulations on your first chart! To learn more about configuring charts using the Explore page, have a look at a more detailed walkthrough at Using Preset Explore. You can also view example charts and walkthroughs.

Ready to start building collections of charts in a dashboard? Have a look at Creating a Dashboard to get started.

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