Chart Walkthroughs
  • 14 Mar 2023
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Chart Walkthroughs

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Preset offers many different charts designed to bring your data to life. If you'd like to get a quick look at all the possibilities, in the Toolbar just select + Chart and filter by All Charts:

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Chart Creation Walkthroughs

Chart NameDescription
Area Chart
Uses the changing area under the lines to visualize how ratios, proportions, or percentages of metric(s) change over a dimension (e.g., time).
Bar Chart
Uses bars to visualize how metric(s) change over a dimension (e.g., time).
Bar Chart (legacy)
Bar charts provide an easy-to-understand way to visually convey categorical data.
Big Number
Useful for emphasizing a single metric or KPI at a specific point in time.
Big Number with TrendlineVariation of Big Number chart that also includes trendline to showcase recent changes in the metric.
Funnel ChartUses the thickness of the components of a physical funnel to showcase the different stages of a pipeline in your operations.
Gauge ChartThis chart type re-uses gauges from the scientific and industrial settings to showcase partial progress towards a specific number.
Graph Chart
Visualizes connected objects or events using nodes/circles and edges/connected lines between nodes.
Line ChartUses lines to visualize how metric(s) change over a dimension (e.g., time).
Mixed Chart
Combine multiple visualizations within a single chart container, using a shared X-axis.
Pie ChartA circular statistical graphic that shows the proportion of different data conveyed as slices within a circle (i.e., pie).
Pivot Table
Table of grouped values that aggregates the individual items of a more extensive table within one or more discrete categories.
Radar Chart
radar chart lets you visualize a parallel set of metrics across multiple groups or categories.
Sankey Diagram
A flow diagram that conveys the relative size of metric data based on the size of flow lines from a source to a target.
Scatter PlotUses dots to visualize how metric(s) change over a dimension (e.g., time).
Smooth Line PlotVariation of the line chart that connects smooths out the line connecting two data points.
Stepped Line ChartVariation of the line chart that connects two data points using 90-degree stepped lines.
Table Chart
Classic row-by-column spreadsheet-like view of a dataset. Use tables to showcase a view of the underlying data or to show aggregated metrics.
Tree Chart
A tree chart excels at visualizing hierarchy.
tree map uses scaled rectangles to visualize the same metric across multiple different groups.

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