Audit Logs
  • 07 Feb 2024
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Audit Logs

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Audit Logs Availability

The audit logging feature is only available to teams on the Enterprise plan.

👤 This documentation is intended for Team Admins only.


Audit logs are available to Team Admins to troubleshoot issues, reconstruct data access breaches, and ensure regulatory compliance. Preset makes audit logs available for the previous 30 days. To store event history for longer periods, teams can download the logs manually or automatically (via API).

Logged Activities and Events

Below are the events logged in Preset:

CategoryAction (Event)Available today
Loginuser: login
Databasedatabase: create
Databasedatabase: update
Databasedatabase: delete
Chartchart: create
Chartchart: update
Chartchart: delete
Chartchart: view
Chartchart download (image, csv, excel, json)
Dashboarddashboard: create
Dashboarddashboard: update
Dashboarddashboard: delete
Dashboarddashboard: view
Dashboarddashboard download as image
Datasetdataset: create
Datasetdataset: update
Datasetdataset: delete
Datasetdataset: view
Datasetdataset columns update
Datasetdataset metrics update
SQL LabSQL Lab export as CSV
Audit logauditlog: download_request
Audit logauditlog: download_retrieve

Accessing Audit Logs

  1. From the Preset Manager, click on Manage Teams. Then, go to the Audit Logs tab.
    Screenshot 2023-08-08 at 11.10.36 AM.png

  2. Select the time range using the date picker. Note: you may access the audit history up to previous 30 days.
    Screenshot 2023-08-08 at 11.13.53 AM.png

  3. Filter for the events you want to audit.
    Screenshot 2023-08-08 at 11.14.36 AM.png

  4. To download the logs in the CSV file format, click on Download and select whether to download the entire list of actions or just the actions shown on the page.
    Audit log - download.png

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