About Workspaces
  • 16 Nov 2022
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About Workspaces

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A workspace is an organizational unit, accessible by team members, that is created for a specific purpose. A workspace can be created for any reason — some use cases are:

  • A project.
  • Business units or departments.
  • A software development lifecycle stage (e.g., testing, development, etc.).
  • To restrict access (e.g. interal / external)

Workspaces feature role-based access controls that enable Administrators to control access to Preset functionality and data.

Most importantly, selecting a workspace launches an instance of Superset, from which users can create powerful visualizations via charts and dashboards.

Launch a Superset Instance

Launching an instance of Superset is as easy as selecting a workspace card:


After selecting, the Home Page appears, after which you can proceed to connect a database (if you are an Admin), create and configure a chart, or build your own unique dashboards.


Create a Workspace

First, though, let's start by learning how to create your own workspace! Just navigate to the empty card and select + Workspace.


The Add New Workspace panel appears.


Define Workspace Settings

In the Workspace name field (required), enter a name for your new workspace.

In the Description field, enter a brief description of the workspace, such as its purpose or intended usage.

In the Deployment Region field, select a geographical area where your Superset workspace instance should be deployed. Please note that this field cannot be changed once defined and this field is only configurable for the Professional and Enterprise plans .

Here's an example:


Customize Workspace Card

Next, we can customize the workspace card by specifying an icon and color. Here is a closer look:


Select the Icon circle to choose an icon for your workspace card.


Next, select the Color icon to choose a color for the left border of the card.


When done, select Save.

Our completed workspace card looks as follows:


Edit Settings

To change any of the settings you just defined, select the vertical ellipsis icon and, in the sub-menu, select Edit Workspace Settings.


The Edit Workspace panel appears.


Modify information in the Workspace name, Description, Icon, and/or Color fields, as needed.

When done, select Save.

Edit Roles

Workspace roles enable Administrators to assign more granular control over access to Preset features based on a combination of established workspace roles and configurable data access roles. Workspace roles are assigned to members of a workspace.

To edit workspace roles, select the vertical ellipsis icon in a workspace card and, in the sub-menu, select Edit Workspace Roles.


The Workspace Roles screen appears.

To change a workspace role, simply select the drop-down arrow below the Workspace Role column header and then select an applicable role.


The levels of access granted to different roles are as follows:

Role Feature Access Data Access Data Role Management
Workspace Admin All All Yes
Primary Contributor All All No
Limited Contributor All based on Data Access Role Restricted No
Viewer Published Charts and Dashboards, based on Data Access Role Restricted No
Dashboard Viewer Published Dashboards, based on Data Access Role Restricted No
No Access No No No

To learn more about how access roles work in Preset, please see:

Connect to Slack

Preset supports the sending of alerts & reports to a dedicated Slack channel. In order to integrate Slack with Preset, please see Slack Integration.

Part of the integration process involves entering a Slack token, which is done via a workspace card.

To complete this step, select the vertical ellipsis icon and, in the sub-menu, select Connect to Slack.


The Connect to Slack panel appears.

In the text-entry field, enter the Slack token and then select Connect to finalize the integration.


We encourage you to read through the Slack Integration article to learn more about how this integration is done.

Delete a Workspace

To delete a workspace, select the vertical ellipsis icon on a workspace card and, in the sub-menu, select Delete Workspace.


The Delete Workspace panel appears.

In the text-entry field, enter the name of the workspace. In the example below, we are deleting the "Newsletter Marketing" workspace.

Select Delete to finalize the deletion.


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