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Preset Cloud : Fast Analytics for Modern Teams

Welcome to Preset Documentation

We are happy to welcome you to the world of Preset.

Preset Cloud is a cloud hosted data exploration and visualization platform built on top of the popular open source project, Apache Superset. Our fully managed service makes it easy to run Superset at scale with enterprise ready security, reliability, and governance, enabling your entire organization to quickly and easily draw insights from your data.

Currently, Preset Cloud is only open to a select number of users. If you are interested in having early access to our Superset service, you can sign up here!

Superset User Documentation

This Getting Started with Superset user guide is designed to enable you and your teams to leverage the power of fast, web-based analytics. Apache Superset excels at giving you the tools you need to access a wide variety of data and visualize that data in a compelling and engaging manner.

From simple pie charts to highly detailed deck.gl geospatial charts, Superset offers you the visualization options that you need to paint your own data picture and convey information that can resonate with your customers and colleagues.

Where do I start with Preset ?

If this is your first time using Preset, we recommend that you read through the following introductory topics:

How do I connect Preset to my data source?

Before you can create charts and dashboards, you need to first add a compatible data source in Preset. Preset works with most major databases and data engines right out of the box!

Superset - How do I make my first chart?

Awesome! Superset offers a large collection of charts out of the box to visualize your data.

We realize that one of your first questions will likely be, "What chart should I use?" This mostly depends on the data you're using, how you would like to visualize it, and what questions you'd like to answer with your chart.

Don't worry, we'll help you narrow down the choices! As a starting point, have a read through The Right Chart for your Data.

This topic will explain how we categorize charts based on the overall purpose of your future visualization. For example, if you want to show the relationship between data, then your best option would be a chart in the Data Relationship sub-folder. Have a browse through the topics to learn about pivot tables, bubble charts, heat maps, etc.

Superset - How do I tell stories using dashboards?

At the end of the day, every marketer knows that the most tried-and-true method of helping others to understand your viewpoint is to tell a story.

A chart, by itself, may address an aspect of your business question... but in order to truly convey how different sets of data correlate with each other, we need to make use of the Dashboard.

A dashboard, in its simplest definition, is a collection of charts. As a Data or Business Analyst, however, dashboards will empower you to tell your own data story. Multiple charts combined in a single interface can powerfully demonstrate both tactical & strategic concepts and help your audience connect the dots between multiple datasets.

To get the ball rolling, have a look at the Dashboards topic to learn how to build robust dashboards using your Superset-created charts.

Superset - How do I leverage SQL?

Superset offers a feature-rich SQL IDE called SQL Lab that enables you to truly explore the potential of data via SQL queries. SQL Lab incorporates an intuitive workflow that lets you visualize your query results and work on multiple queries at the same time!

Data exploration is supported via tables, columns, indexes, and partitions. To encourage exploration and experimentation, Superset saves a history of all the queries that have been run in the past.

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